The Nigerian Library Association hereby invites interested members to submit papers for presentation at the 2018 National Conference/Annual General Meeting scheduled to hold from 23rd – 26th July 2018 in Ogun State.

THEME: The Library as a Change Agent in Nigeria


  1. The Library as a Change Agent in Public Institutions
  2. The Library as a Change Agent in Private Institutions
  3. Library and Information Services for Educational Transformation
  4. Library and Information Services in the Fight against Corruption
  5. Library and Information Services for National Security & Fight against Insurgency
  6. Library and Information Services for National Integration
  7. Library and Information Science Education for the Transformation of Society
  8. The Library as Facilitator of Public Access to Information
  9. Library and Information Services for the Attainment of Sustainable Development goals

All members of the Association are hereby invited to submit papers on any of the above sub-themes or any related topic under the general theme.

Abstract & Full Paper – Friday, 30th March, 2018
Acceptance of Paper – Authors will be notified once their papers have been accepted.
Format of Presentation

  1. All papers should be in 25-30 Power Point slides
  2. The full-paper should not be more than 15 pages in A4 Double line space in a Word-processed format.

Papers should be emailed as attachment to: nlanationalsec@yahoo.com, omohatsenokhai@yahoo.com

Hard Copies should be sent to:

The National Secretary
Nigerian Library Association,
c/o National Library of Nigeria HQ
Sanusi Dantata House
(1st Floor Room 5)
CBD – Abuja

Please note that all papers received will be reviewed by a Committee.  Only research-based papers approved by the Committee will be accepted for presentation at the conference.

Thank you

Omoh Atsenokhai, CLN
National Secretary

Download call for papers in PDF or Word format