EBSCO’s Three $100,000 Solar Grants Available to Libraries Worldwide in 2018

Looking to Go Green? EBSCO has expanded this year’s EBSCO Solar Grant and for the first time will provide three $100,000 grants to libraries.

As part of our commitment to ”Going Green,” we want to encourage libraries to reevaluate their own environmental footprints. In 2016, we introduced the EBSCO Solar Grant and to date we have given nearly half a million dollars to libraries looking to install solar arrays on their campuses. This year, EBSCO Solar will fund three $100,000 grants.

At EBSCO, we’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint and educating our employees and our community about the value of energy conservation and alternative energy solutions. We’ve seen firsthand the value of solar power by installing three solar arrays with more than 500 panels at our Ipswich, Massachusetts campus. Going Green has helped us offset the amount of “brown power” we buy and generate clean energy to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our employees also benefit from our efforts. The electric vehicle charging stations we have installed have encouraged our employees to buy electric vehicles. We even have a green certified cafeteria, and we are always looking for ways to cut waste and save energy.

As a database provider, we have made an environmental research database freely available online that can also be added to library profiles. GreenFILE™, available online at www.greeninfoonline.com, covers content related to the environmental effects of individuals, corporations and governments and what can be done at each level to minimize negative impacts.

If you are looking to add to your current sustainability plans or if you want to show your community there are cleaner forms of energy, please consider applying for an EBSCO Solar Grant. Learn more about the 2018 grants at www.ebsco.com/solar.

Applications will be accepted through April 30th, and winners will be announced June 23rd online and at ALA’s Annual Conference.

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