Gateway 2018 Preconference

The Nigerian Library Association National Conference #NLAGateway2018 started in the morning of July 23rd with a Preconference Seminar facilitated by the United States Mission American Center, Nigeria.

The preconference started with a Master Class session which detailed Presentation Techniques. The purpose of the session was to provide librarians the opportunity to learn and improve basic skills and competence on how to make effective and professional presentations. The session was subdivided into six sessions namely: Purpose of your presentation, Preparing your presentation, Structuring your presentation, Effective tools for presentation and Styles of presentation. Afterwards, a second session which detailed How to Serve Your World followed. The purpose of this session was to engage the library community in an interactive conversation, and this was achieved in six discussion groups of librarians from the academic, public, government, special, and school library communities, as well as library schools. The groups were engaged in activities which had them reflect on community information needs in relation to providing effective and efficient library services.

Concluding, all the earlier-mentioned groups came together and were asked to reflect on NLA and LRCN activities and services to propose better ways of how both professional bodies would improve professional development needs of librarians towards a better information literate society in Nigeria.

NLA Digital Communications Crew

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