KANO 2020 Announcement

Dear All,

On behalf of the NLA Council, I am hereby directed by the President, to announce the theme and sub-themes for the NLA 2020 National conference/AGM, scheduled to hold in Kano State.

Interested Members (paid-up) are hereby invited to submit papers on any of the sub-themes or any related topic under the general theme for presentation at the 2020 National Conference/Annual General Meeting scheduled to hold in July.

Deadline for Submission of Abstract and Full Paper is Thursday, 17th April, 2020. Authors will be notified once their papers are accepted.

Below is the “Call for Papers” announcement with detailed information on the theme, sub-themes and the format for presentation.

Libraries: Inspiring, Engaging, Enabling and Connecting Stakeholders for Sustainable Development.


  1. Engaging the Government in Library Services for Sustainable National Development:
    • The National Library of Nigeria
    • Public Library and Information Systems in Nigeria
  2. Libraries Inspiring Service Delivery:
    • The Role of Academic Library and Information Systems in Nigeria
    • The Role of Special Library and Information Systems in Nigeria
    • The Role of School Library and Information Systems in Nigeria
  3. Inclusive Library and Information Services for National Development:
    • Information Services for Human Rights
    • Information Services for Gender Equality
    • Information Services for Empowerment of People with Special Needs
  4. Infopreneurship for Sustainable Development
  5. Enhancing Access to Indigenous Knowledge for Sustainable Development
  6. The Role of Knowledge Economy in Sustainable Development
  7. Specialized Library and Information Services for Sustainable Development
    • Agriculture
    • Health
    • Law
    • Environment
    • Civic Education
  8. Connecting Rural Communities for Sustainable Development through Library and Information Services.
  9. Digital Librarianship and Open Access Technology as Enablers for Sustainable Development.
  10. Enhancing Access to Records and Archival Materials for Sustainable Development.
  11. Conserving and Preserving Information for Sustainable Development
  12. Organizing Library and Information Services for Sustainable Development


  1. All papers should be in 25-30 Power Point slides
  2. The full-paper should not be more than 15 pages in A4 Double line space in a Word-processed format.

Papers should be emailed as attachment to: nlanationalsec@yahoo.com

Please note that all papers received will be reviewed by a Committee. Only research-based papers approved by the Committee will be accepted for presentation at the conference.

Thank you.

Omoh Atsenokhai
National Secretary