Kano State is the centre of commerce in Nigeria. It was created on May 27th, 1967 but in 1991 part of the State was separated to form Jigawa State.
It is the second-largest industrial centre after Lagos State in Nigeria and also the largest in the North. Many large markets exist in Kano today such as the Kurmi market, Kwari market, Sabon Gari and Dawanau market.

Many of these markets specialize in certain product such as textiles and grains. This State is a major producer of hides and skins, sesame, soybeans, cotton, garlic, gum Arabic and chilli pepper. They also produce footwear, plastics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, dairy products, vegetable oil e.t.c

The tourism attractions in the state includes:

  • Kano’s centuries-old city wall
  • Gidan Rumfa (Emir’s palace),
  • Kurmi market
  • Kano zoo
  • Dala and Gwauron Dutse
  • Gidan Makama ( kano museum)

The official language of Kano State is Hausa and Fulfude languages. It is also the most populous State in the country with the most amiable and hospitable people.

NLA urges all members to attend it’s 58th Conference/AGM meeting in Kano State and enjoy it’s hospitality first hand.

Dr . Ogochukwu T . Emiri
National PRO

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